Medarot 9

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Medarot 9
Medarot 9 Kabuto Box.jpg
Genre RPG
Platform Nintendo 3DS
Developer Delta Arts
Publisher Rocket Company
Release Date JP: December 24, 2015

Medarot 9 is the newest RPG in the Medarot series, released on December 24, 2015 for the Nintendo 3DS.

The game features a new cast of characters and nearly 300 Medarots to collect. Like previous games, it was released in Kabuto and Kuwagata versions, however this time the player begins with new starter Medarots, Juke and Monjiro, rather than Metabee and Rokusho, who are villains in this installment.

The story follows a new protagonist named Tenma (テンマ), who transfers into an elite school known as MEDA Academy, and his adventures with Kunigiku and the Exploration Club. Upon entering the school, he gets his starter Medarot, who will actively disobey the player's commands until the first boss, Beast Duster.


[edit] Battle system changes

The battle system has undergone several major changes in Medarot 9:

  • There is now a new feature called Trans-Parts, which lets the player transfer a part mid-battle. However, it is only limited to the Leader Medarot and can only be done once per battle.
  • There is a new attribute known as Heavy Parts, which have great power but sharply lower the user's speed.
  • The game now has Party Members, the player can have up to five, each with one Tinpet.
  • Allies in battle can now be controlled by the player.
  • The player can now choose which part to take from the opponent after winning a Robottle.

[edit] Pre-release

Shortly after the announcement of the game, Rocket Company established an official Medarotters Fan Club. Those who registered for the club before October 31 got a VIP card, as well as a password to obtain Kantaros R. Those who registered before December 23 got a code to obtain Mach Massive R via email.

Players who pre-ordered the game received a soundtrack CD with an included art book, as well as a "clear file" binder if they pre-ordered through Amazon. Like Medarot 8, the soundtracks were released in two different versions, featuring different tracks and artwork.

[edit] Passwords

Source Password Received
Medarotters Fan Club PMVLUK5YJAA7 Kantaros R (full set)
Medarotters Fan Club CNC3APTJ6SUG Mach Massive R (full set)
V-Jump promotion
(Feb. 2016 issue)
2VCAV8PSMDCY Arcbeetle-Dash (head)
Shisaku 2-Gou (right arm)
Belzelga (left arm)
Armor Chariot (legs)

[edit] Box art

[edit] Soundtracks

[edit] See also

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