Medarot Dual

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Medarot Dual
Medarot Dual Kabuto Box.jpg
Genre Action
Platform Nintendo 3DS
Developer Jupiter
Publisher Rocket Company
Release Date JP: November 14, 2013

Medarot Dual is a 3D action game released on November 14, 2013 for the Nintendo 3DS.


[edit] Overview

You play as a young boy or girl (default names Nagi and Nami) who is recruited to work as an official Medarotter for the MMF (Medarot Mission Force). The MMF is an organization separate from the Select Force that accepts requests from the public to solve Medarot-related problems. As one of their specialist Medarotters, you complete these requests in the form of missions.

[edit] Selection of Medarots

Main article: Medarots in Medarot Dual

79 Medarots are carried over from Medarot 7, and 23 new ones were added. The new Medarots mostly come in themed pairs (white rabbit/black rabbit, sun god/moon goddess, two types of penguin, etc.)

In addition to normal Medarots, the game features alternate-color versions of Medarots which can be obtained by playing DLC missions.

[edit] Multiplayer

As well as local and online versus modes, the game features local co-op play on any missions that allow you to fight with a buddy.

[edit] Downloadable content

Players can purchase downloadable content through the Nintendo e-shop. There are two types of DLC: Extra mission packs, and extra battle announcer voices.

Mission packs feature groups of characters from previous games, which the player can battle and recruit as buddies. They use alternate-color Medarots which can be obtained by winning the battles. Each mission pack costs 300 yen and contains 4 characters and 6 missions (4 single battles plus 2 Dual battles), except for the "Intro Guests" mission pack, which is free and contains 3 characters and 4 missions. Extra battle voices cost 100 yen each.

Downloadable content is unlocked at the MEP terminal after completing 16 missions. From there the player can purchase, download, and play DLC missions from the DLC menu. Battle voices can be switched between on the "My Data" options page once purchased and downloaded.

[edit] Available DLC

(See this page on the official website for pictures of the characters.)

[edit] AR cards

Main article: Medarot Dual AR cards

Players who pre-ordered the game received a Medarot Dual card binder meant for storing AR cards. The first press run of the game also included two version-exclusive AR cards (A-Burage and Fancyroll for Kabuto, Noir Katze and Kuu-Centaurus for Kuwagata), which can be scanned to recieve their parts in-game.

Players who purchased both versions and sent off the included survey postcard could be entered in a draw to win a pack of 28 additional AR cards. The pack included special cards for Blazermate, Chi-Behemoth, La Pucelle, and Barbe Bleue, which could be scanned to obtain their parts (otherwise unobtainable).

[edit] Box art

[edit] Links

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