Medarot 7

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Medarot 7
Medarot 7 Kabuto Box.jpg
Genre RPG
Platform Nintendo 3DS
Developer Delta Arts
Publisher Rocket Company
Release Date JP: September 13, 2012

Medarot 7 is the latest numbered game in the Medarot franchise, released on September 13, 2012 for the Nintendo 3DS.

Much like its predecessor Medarot DS, Medarot 7 is an RPG following the adventures of Azuma Amakura and his Medarot Metabee (in the Kabuto version) or Rokusho (in the Kuwagata version). Medarot 7 incorporates many of the gameplay changes made in Medarot DS, but does not function as a sequel. Rather, it completely ignores the events of Medarot DS and begins a new story using the same characters and places.


[edit] General information

Medarot 7 sports fully 3D graphics and 140 different Medarots to collect.

  • Battles are displayed in 3D on the top screen, with command buttons and an overview of both teams' positions on the bottom screen.
  • Towns and dungeons are now completely 3D.
  • The Medachange and Rotation features have returned, and it's possible to name/rename your Medals.
  • The Medalia and Charge gauge systems from Medarot DS have been carried over, with some major differences.
  • Many new attacks have been added, and mechanics for old attacks have been changed drastically.
  • New features are introduced over the course of the game using the Medarot license system.

[edit] AR Cards

Players who pre-ordered the games received a pack of AR Medarot cards, which can be viewed using the AR viewer inside the game. The two versions came with different packs of 32 cards, for a total of 64 different cards.

[edit] Box art

[edit] See also

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