Medarot Girls Mission

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Medarot Girls Mission
メダロット ガールズミッション
Medarot Girls Mission Kabuto Box.jpg
Genre RPG
Platform Nintendo 3DS
Developer Kurogane
Publisher Rocket Company
Release Date JP: March 10, 2016

Medarot Girls Mission is the newest 3D action game in the Medarot series, released on March 10, 2016 for the Nintendo 3DS.

The game features the same action-based 2 vs. 2 gameplay as Medarot Dual, but with a new all-female cast of 20 playable characters and 156 Medarots to collect. Like Dual, it was released in Kabuto and Kuwagata versions, however this time the player unlocks different schools with different girls as playable characters upon completing the story with their starter character (which consists of 12 missions).


[edit] Changes from Medarot Dual

Although the gameplay is very similar to Medarot Dual, the engine has undergone several changes in Girls Mission:

  • There is no 3D overworld to roam around in, and everything is handled through menus instead.
  • A secondary type of Medaforce has been added called Ogre Maxim, which speeds your Medarot up and increases their jumping height. Part charge and cooldown speed is also increased.
  • There is a new feature called Hyper Finish, which lets the player charge up their Medaforce to 200% to do more damage, with a unique animation depending on the Medal. Winning the match with a Hyper Finish attack results in the opponent Medarotter's clothes getting torn off.
  • There are 20 playable characters (4 are paid DLC) to play as, each with their own unique partner Medarot and Medal.
  • The currency of the game is now "Money Points", and the player can also earn "Medal Points" which are used for powering up their Medal's stats between missions.
  • Aside from the individual characters' story modes, the meat of the game consists of:
    • 6 multi-floor "Battle Towers" (4 of which are DLC), which have you attempt to clear a number of consecutive Robottles without allowing you to fully heal between each match. Completing the towers rewards you with unique Medarot sets as well as unique companions to fight by your side.
    • One 10-floor challenge tower that awards you with Medal Points and Money Points for winning Robattles, with the rewards depending on how many consecutive matches you win.
    • 70 training missions (to teach you about the various part types and effects).
  • Upon completing the story mode of the game with 16 of the characters, you unlock Expert Mode, making your opponents use their special alternate-color sets rather than normal ones. The aggressiveness of the opponent AI, and the difficulty of the hoard and final boss battles are also increased. Completing the story on expert mode with each girl unlocks the alternate (more powerful version) of their partner Medarot.
  • The Medarot gashapon machine use Money Points earned from fighting in battle towers, completing story missions, or doing the 10-floor Medal Point challenge. Within the 3 types of gashapon machines you can earn rare alternative color sets, as well as set parts from the store at a more affordable price.

[edit] Characters and starter Medarots

Character name Medarot Medal
Aso Toki Roll Beauty Dragon Medal
Goto Sakura Kanehachi Mk2 Tortoise Medal
Hojo Minori Metabee (KBT00-M) Kabuto Medal
Kaido Megumi Rokusho (KWG00-M) Kuwagata Medal
Kunishiro Sayuri Scimitar Tooth Tiger Medal
Laura Bathory Whip World‎ Queen Medal
Minamoto Shizuka Samurai Samurai Medal
Musumi Kei Steinberger Gorilla Medal
Nanahoshi Tsubasa Peppercat Cat Medal
Naruko Asumi Nin-Ninja Ninja Medal
Nishikino Koi Gokudo Monkey Medal
Sakata Riko Mad Juggler Mantis Medal
Shigeno Kiyomi Top Gunner‎ Sky Medal
Shikkoku No Yami Minerouva Stealth Medal
Shiratori Shoko Daichanko Bear Medal
Suzukaze Ran Barbe Bleue Knight Medal
Tanigawa Mizuho Pompom-Mate Lion Medal
Tsuchimikado Arisu Arachno-Spider Spider Medal
Tsurugi Ichiko Bluesdog Dog Medal
Yasuragi Yuri Brunhilde Angel Medal

[edit] Pre-release

Players who pre-ordered the game received a version-exclusive art book featuring character and Medarot art, and early buyers received a code for a unique 3DS theme. Additionally, several different bonus items were available for a limited time depending on the store chain the game was purchased from:

Store Bonus item Exclusive clear file folder
Geo Character voice CD (Naniwa team) + Medarot concept art booklet
Bic Camera / Kojima / Sofmap Character voice CD (Fujiyoshi + Arakawa teams)
Yodobashi Camera Character voice CD (Select + Nadeshiko teams)
WonderGOO Character voice CD (MedaNou team)
Gamers Character voice CD (Teioh Team)
Animate Character voice CD (Tsukuba team)

Some items could only be obtained by pre-ordering the game from physical stores, while others were made available online. More information can be found on this page on the official website, which includes images of some of the bonus items.

The character DLC was also made available for free for people who bought the game during the launch month.

[edit] Box art

[edit] See also

Link to the Official website.

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