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Welcome to Medapedia, an encyclopedia about the Medarot franchise (a.k.a. Medabots) that anyone can edit!

The major goal of this site is to provide info and translations for the many Japan-only games in the series, while covering the other parts of the series such as the anime, manga and card games.

If you want to help out, just create an account and start editing some pages. Please note that this wiki uses the Japanese names and terms for consistancy's sake, so try to use those when you're writing. (See here for a quick list.)

[edit] News

09-13-2012 - Medarot 7 has been released for 3DS in Japan! The series also has a brand new website with a section dedicated to Medarot 7 here.
05-30-2012 - Medarot 7 (3DS) has been announced in this weeks Famitsu! The release is set for September 13 this year. More information can be found on Famitsu's website (Japanese).

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