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These are the rules and guidelines that all editors should try to follow!


[edit] Wiki rules

  • Try to follow the style guide.
  • Don't be rude, and try to assume good faith - that is, remember that most editors are only trying to help!
  • Don't be afraid to ask for help or feedback if you're unsure of something. Wikis are about collaboration!
  • Use common sense when making large-scale changes. If you edit something on 100 pages and it turns out that the edit was unwanted, that's 100 pages that you or somebody else now has to revert.
  • If your edit is reverted, don't simply revert it back without commenting - this leads to edit wars. Start a discussion on the talk page and the disagreement can be worked out in a civil manner.
  • If possible, try to make an account! It makes it much easier to keep track of everyone's edits.

[edit] On talk pages

  • Always remember to sign your comments on talk pages. This can be done by including 4 tildes (~~~~) at the end of your message, or simply hitting the signature button in the editor.
  • If someone leaves a message on your talk page, you should reply to them on the same page they left the message on - it helps to make conversations easier to follow.
  • When replying, you should indent your reply by starting the sentence with a colon character (:). The next reply should be indented further using two colons (::), and the next with 3 (:::), etc.

[edit] Adding images

  • Images should come from official sources / only show official merchandise - basically, fan art is not allowed. If an image is identified as fan art, it will be deleted.
  • When uploading images (scans, digital art, or photographs especially), try to always include a note in the image description about where the image is from or where you found it (preferrably using the source template). Among other things, this makes it much easier to identify and give proper credit for the image.

[edit] Vandalism

  • Vandalism or "joke edits" will not be tolerated, and will most likely result in a permanant ban.

[edit] Notice about Medabots Wiki

  • Please do not copy content or files from Medabots Wiki. This wiki branched off from Medabots Wiki in late 2010, and any pages deemed useful to carry over have already been imported. Copying any pages now is not only unneccesary, but also violates the license it was published under by not preserving the entire history of the page.
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