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Japanese vs. English comparisons:
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As you may know, this wiki uses the names and terminology from the Japanese version instead of the ones found in the English games and media.

The vast majority of the Medarot franchise was only released in Japan, and during our time on Wikia we found that switching between using English names when available and using Japanese for everything else looked very messy. Not only that, but it also made things much more annoying to organize, so for the sake of consistancy we are sticking to the original names for everything.

Note that this does not mean we are completely ignoring the English version, as English names for a subject should always be mentioned on its page if there is a difference. However, Japanese names should always be used for links and page titles.

Here is a quick comparison of some major names and terms:

English Japanese
Terms: Medabot Medarot
Medafighter Medarotter
Medawatch Medarotch
Robattle Robottle
Medaparts Parts
Ikki Ikki
Henry Hikaru
Erika Arika
Samantha Kikuhime
Spyke Iwanoi
Sloan Kagamiyama
Mr. Referree Mr. Uruchi
Phantom Renegade Phantom Retort
RubberRobo Gang RoboRobo Gang
Metabee Metabee
Rokusho Rokusho
Sumilidon Smilodonad
Warbandit Warbonnet
Neutranurse Saintnurse
Kantaroth Kantaros
Krosserdog Bluesdog
Stingray Rollstar
Blackram Blackmail

Note that these are only a few, and most of the Medarot names were changed in the English version. Be sure to check the Medarot list pages for a full comparison!

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