Kabuto Benimaru

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Kabuto Benimaru
カブトベニマル M-Icon.gif
Model No. Navi-KBT-6BX.gif
Little rhino beetle
Head: You-ssile
Right Arm: Model Gun
Left Arm: Energetic Gun
Legs: Yukatsuki
Game appearances
Medarot 4, Medarot Navi
Other appearances
Medarot OCG

Kabuto Benimaru (カブトベニマル) is a little rhino beetle-type Medarot that first appeared in Medarot 4.


[edit] In the games

Kabuto Benimaru, as Masked Kabuto, appears many times throughout Medarot Navi's Kabuto version; he may randomly appear and force Kasumi into a one versus one Robottle any time the latter clears an occupied section of the Cluster. Put this together with the Space Robos' tendency to reclaim cleared areas, and the player will likely fight Masked Kabuto, as well as the similarly recurring Anzudo beetle, many times throughout Navi.

[edit] In Medarot Navi

Known as Masked Kabuto (マスクドカブト) is a young gunslinger-type Medarot and its model number is now KBT-6BX.

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[edit] Related Medarots

  • KWG-7 Kuwagata Baizan, aka Masked Kuwagata, Kabuto Benimaru's Kuwagata counterpart.
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