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ベイアニット M-Icon.gif
Model No. Bayonet M9 Artwork.jpg
Rhino beetle
Head: Reaction Missile
Right Arm: Evolver
Left Arm: Sum-Machinegun
Legs: Ochitsukan
Game appearances
Medarot 2, Medarot R, Medarot 2 Core,
Medarot 9 (DLC)
Other appearances
Medarot (anime), Medarot Damashii (anime), Medarot R (manga), Medarot OCG

English Version Part Names:
Head: Reaction Bomb
Right Arm: Revolven
Left Arm: Sumachingun
Legs: Ochitsukan

Bayonet (ベイアニット) is a rhino beetle-type Medarot that first appeared in Medarot 2.


[edit] Description

Bayonet, like Metabee before it, is based on a rhinoceros beetle; its head has a single horn that splits in two at the end. Unlike its predecessors, its armor is mostly dark brown with brown and white accents. The arms also lack visible hands.

Compared to Metabee, Bayonet's parts have greater armor, but its attack power is reduced to compensate. The two are otherwise identical in function: a missile launcher in the head provides a strong and accurate attack, its right arm's rifle is very fast, and its left arm's gatling gun is slower but very powerful.

[edit] In the games

In Medarot 2 and the remake Medarot 2 Core, Bayonet's parts can be obtained in the Kabuto version by completing all of the Medalink Robottles. In Medarot 2 Core, it is also used by Dr. Hebereke alongside Solin and Beast Master.

[edit] In Medarot 2

Since this game listed both versions of Metabee as KBT-0, Bayonet was given the model number KBT-1. It was changed in later games.

[edit] In Medarot R

Its model number is now KBT-2.

[edit] In Medarot 2 Core

Unlike in Medarot 2, its model number is still KBT-2 as in Medarot R.

[edit] In the anime

In episode 51 of the first Medarot Anime, Metabee dreams of leading an army of Bayonets against Rokusho and a legion of Solin. Metabee winds up as the last one standing... only to wake up.

During Medarot Damashii, Bayonet is Ginkai's old Medarot before he changes over to a Death Medarot. His Kabuto Medal, a gift from Yuuzuru's father for accidentally destroying his drawings, is later used in Arcbeetle-Dash.

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