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ブラックビートル F-Icon.gif
Model No. Blackbeetle Medarot 8 Design.png
Rhino beetle
Head: Black Ballista
Right Arm: Black Fuser
Left Arm: Black Blaster
Legs: Black Place
Game appearances
Medarot 3, Medarot 4, Medarot Brave,
Medarot DS, Medarot 7,
Medarot Dual, Medarot 8, Medarot 9
Other appearances
Medarot Damashii, Medarot 3 (manga),
Medarot OCG, Medabots TCG,
Medarot DS promo cards, Merchandise

Blackbeetle (ブラックビートル), known in English as Blakbeetle, is a rhino beetle-type Medarot that first appears in Medarot 3. It's an alternate female version of Saikachis.


[edit] Description

Blackbeetle is a female beetle-type Medarot modeled after Saikachis, with the most notable differences being black colouring and a metallic eyepatch over its left eye. Compared to Saikachis, Blackbeetle's parts are more focused on power than speed. It also has the ability to Medachange into a tank-like Medarot, sacrificing speed for attack power. Like most KBT-type Medarots, Blackbeetle is exclusive to the Kabuto versions of the games, with it's KWG-type equivalent being Blackstag.

Blackbeetle's model number is technically the same as Saikachis (KBT-5), but with its parts numbers starting at KBT-55 to KBT-59. Due to other KBT-types not appearing, it is given the number KBT-35 in the game Medarot 3.

[edit] In the games

[edit] In Medarot 4

Its model number is now KBT-55.

It makes a reapperance in the game's postgame in the Kabuto Version, where it, together with Ikki and Mizuchi, fight multiple DVL-Series Medarots, ultimately joining him after defeating Belzelga for the 4th and last time, Giving the player all of its parts and its B Kabuto Medal.

[edit] In Medarot Brave

Quote: Women are delicate? You're so out of date! You need to be taught a lesson!

[edit] In Medarot DS

Its model number is now KBT05-F.

[edit] In Medarot 8

The "C" was added at the end of its model number to signify having a Medachange.

[edit] In the anime

Blackbeetle appears late in Medarot Damashii as a Death Medarot used by Kokuryuu. She is one of the few Death Medarots with a Death Medal (known as a Neo-EX Medal in english versions) which allows her to think and have feelings unlike other Death Medarots. While she is very loyal to Kokuryuu, she becomes afraid of him near the end of the series when he decides to use her medal in the extremely powerful Death Medarot, Grain. Eventually she is unable to control Grain and goes berserk, but is rescued by Ikki and his friends. In the end, she stays with Kokuryuu after he is defeated, with him finally realizing the importance of Medarots as friends.

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