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A Medarot (Japanese: メダロット), known in English as a Medabot, is a small sentient robot from the Medarot series. A Medarot's intelligence comes from the Medal placed in its back, hence the name - short for "Medal Robot".

Medarots come in a wide range of designs with fully swappable parts. The majority of Medarots stand between 75-100 cm tall, but larger models do exist. The most common use for Medarots is to have them compete in battles against other Medarots, known as Robottles. A person who commands a Medarot is known as a Medarotter.

[edit] Components

There are three necessary components that make up a Medarot:

The Tinpet is a metallic skeleton that serves as the inner frame of the Medarot. Tinpets come in "male" and "female" styles with different compatible parts.

"Parts" refer to the customizable pieces that completely cover the Tinpet, providing weapons, additional sensors, and armor. A complete Medarot requires a head part, two arm parts, and a leg part. Leg part come in a variety of designs for different types of terrain.

The Medal is the "brain" of the Medarot, and what determines its skills and personality. The Medarot only becomes active when a Medal is placed in its back. The Medal will automatically eject if the parts become heavily damaged - a feature often used to determine the end of a Robottle. When not in use, the Medarot's Medal can be stored inside a specialized wrist watch called a Medarotch.

[edit] Impact

Medarots have become a staple in everyday life for many people in the Medarot universe. Robottles are considered a major sport, with official referees, rankings, and international tournaments.

Not all Medarots are designed for battle, and some models are even geared towards specific purposes such construction work or law enforcement. Many people are given Medarot partners as children, which they keep with them for the rest of their lives.

The development of Medarots and Medarotches is mainly handled by the Medarot Company, although smaller producers also exist. Tinpets and parts are frequently stocked at department stores and convenience stores, and many stores will offer to buy back used parts.

Although Medarots are designed to avoid harming humans, they may still be used by criminals (such as the infamous RoboRobo Gang). Medarot-related crimes fall under the jurisdiction of the Select Force.

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