Mokusei Dai-Oh

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Mokusei Dai-Oh
モクセイダイオウ M-Icon.gif
Model No. Mokusei Dai-Oh Design.jpg
Toy robot
Head: Destruction Missile
Right Arm: Slaughter Drill
Left Arm: Crushing Hammer
Legs: Annihilation leg
Game appearances
Medarot R
Other appearances
Medarot (anime)

Mokusei Dai-Oh (モクセイダイオウ) is a toy robot-type Medarot that appears in Medarot R.


[edit] Description

Mokusei Dai-Oh is based on a retro toy robot, specifically the "Mars King" (Kasei Dai-Oh) robots sold in the late 1960's. It has a very blocky and fixed appearance, with a drill for a right arm and a hammer for the left.

Its name translates to "Great Jupiter King", and is the source of its JPT model number.

[edit] In the games

In battle, Mokusei Dai-Oh is a close-ranged fighter. Both of its arms are Hammer attacks, and its head is Destroy. It only has one head use, so wise strategy is the best way to ensure that Mokusei Dai-Oh takes advantage of the power it possesses. Its legs are bipedal-type.

[edit] Image gallery

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