Sonic Stag

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Sonic Stag
ソニックスタッグ M-Icon.gif
Model No. Sonic Stag Medarot Navi Artwork.gif
Stag beetle
Head: X-Ray
Right Arm: Slide Sword
Left Arm: Brachi Hammer
Legs: Outstrip
Game appearances
Medarot Navi, Medarot 8 (DLC), Medarot 9
Other appearances
Medarot Navi (manga), Medarot OCG

Sonic Stag (ソニックスタッグ) is a stag beetle-type Medarot that first appeared in Medarot Navi.


[edit] Description

Sonic Stag is Kasumi Asano's principal Medarot in the Kuwagata version of Medarot Navi. Its Right Arm carries a nimble Sword weapon while its Left features a large Hammer. The Head part can use Conceal to increase Sonic Stag's evasion (as opposed to Scan, the series norm) and its Leg Type is Two-legged.

Capable of Medachange, Sonic Stag can take on the form of a space fighter. In addition to its Leg Type, Flight, it has the best Propulsion stat of any Medachanged Medarot (maxed out at 99). Drive A is a ramming Sword attack while Drives B and C are Anti-Air and Anti-Sea, respectively.

[edit] In the games

[edit] In Medarot Navi

Shortly after having his East Medal stolen, Kasumi Asuno is compelled to visit the Old School by a mysterious voice. Underneath its gymnasium is a small cave housing a lost Kuwagata Medal alongside the mysterious plant-alien, Mistral.

Kasumi gets a chance to use this Medal when the space station Cluster is set adrift during the class field trip. Locked inside an armored vault by fellow student Shiden Murasame, he finds Sonic Stag just as a duo of security Medarots bear down on him. Using his new Medal to take command of the dormant Medarot, Kasumi wins the Robottle and utilizes the Medaforce to blast the door open.

The two remain together for the remainder of the game, with Kasumi leveraging Sonic Stag's abilities at several points throughout the story. Realizing the Medarot does not truly belong to him, Kasumi leaves a note on the laboratory doors apologizing for the trouble.

[edit] In Medarot 8

Sonic Stag makes a reappearance in Medarot 8 as a DLC-exclusive Medarot. It appears along with Ashton, Hoppin, and Yellowturtle in the fifth DLC mission, which can be downloaded for 300 yen ($2.40).

Its model number is now KWG08-C and the "C" signify having a Medachange.

[edit] Image gallery

Official artwork:

Sprites & 3D models:


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