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サンジューロ M-Icon.gif
Model No. Sanjuro Medarot DS Design.png
Stag beetle
Head: Shrewd One
Right Arm: Sword Draw
Left Arm: Bodyguard
Legs: Scuffler
Game appearances
Medarot DS, Medarot 7, Medarot Dual,
Medarot 8, Medarot 9
Other appearances
Medarot DS (manga), Medarot DS promo cards

Sanjuro (サンジューロ) is a stag beetle-type Medarot who first appears in Medarot DS.


[edit] Description

Sanjuro is heavily based on a stag beetle. However, his design is also based on a samurai about to draw his sword. Unlike other KWG-type Medarots, Sanjuro can use Thunder instead, as well as Commander instead of Scan. Sanjuro's Sword attack is actually as powerful as a STG-type's, since it's a Berserking attack this time.

[edit] In the games

[edit] In Medarot DS

Sanjuro first appears early in the game, possibly as a Medarot still in testing during the Kuwagata Version. Azuma Amakura encounters it with his Medarot Rokusho during this moment after sneaking into the lab. Although Rokusho desires to switch his Medaparts out for Sanjuro's, they are chased out before they can.

Later in the game, the Rubberrobo Gang take over a manufacturing building for Medaparts, and Seaslug with their new boss Sakekaasu destroys Azuma's Rokusho, leaving the Medal behind (although, in game, you keep the Tinpet you attached the Rokusho parts to). After the villains flee in a UFO, Dr. Aki, along with Dr. Nae, Kohaku, and an unnamed scientist appear and give Azuma the Sanjuro model's Medaparts and a new Tinpet. This allows Azuma's Rokusho to be reborn as Sanjuro.

[edit] In the manga

[edit] In Medarot DS

In the manga for Medarot DS, Sanjuro is owned by Kohaku Himuro. He nicknames him Juu.

His arm, instead of バットウ, is spelled as バットウソード Battou Sword.

[edit] Image gallery

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